Third-Party Administrative Plans

HEALTHSPRING H.M.O LIMITED offers a variety of healthcare alternatives, and our health plans emphasize the common obligation of employers as well as employees in getting access to quality care while controlling expenses. Every one of our health plans offer a different approach in accessing care and its coverage.

About TPA Plans

Third-party administrative (TPA) procedures refers to the process and service provided by external entities to assist organizations with various administrative functions such as claims handling, processing and reporting of reporting components of any health benefits plan. HEALTHSPRING H.M.O is fully equipped to render any health-related services on TPA.

What We Do

Employee Benefit Administration:

 HEALTHSPRING H.M.O is fully equipped to manage your company’s employee benefits such as managing health insurance, ensuring compliance with regulations, handle enrollment and changes, and manage communication between employees and healthcare providers.

Process Claims:

Handling claims processing and adjudication. Receiving and reviewing claims submitted by care providers, verifying the validation of claims, determining coverage, and processing payments to healthcare providers.

Plan Post retirement health coverage:

Planning, designing and execution of health care coverages tailored to the individual’s budget.

Healthcare Cost Management:

Management of healthcare costs for individual, corporate, state and federal government (formal and informal sector) employers. Then analyze healthcare spending patterns, negotiate with medical service providers, and implement cost containment strategies to control healthcare expenses.

Cobra Administration:

Management of Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) benefits administration, which involves offering continued health coverage to employees and their families after certain qualifying events like job loss or reduced work hours.

Risk Management:

Assists organizations in assessing and managing risks related to employee benefits, insurance, and other administrative areas. We also provide advice on risk mitigation strategies and help organizations make informed decisions

Data Management and Analytics:

Provide data management and analytical services, helping organizations make data-driven decisions regarding their employee wellbeing programs and other administrative areas.

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Choosing a health care partner is one of the most important business decisions you can make. HEALTHSPRING  HMO LIMITED can help you manage costs, invest in the health of your employees, and build a healthier future for your employees and your business. 


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