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One of the healthcare insurance companies in Nigeria that offers top-notch services to the healthcare sector is Healthspring HMO Ltd. Our utilization of cutting-edge technology and first-rate customer service has won the hearts of many of our clientele. We guarantee that everyone has access to high-quality healthcare services because we firmly believe that everyone deserves a good health.

The establishment and registration of Healthspring HMO Limited took place in 2023 in order to serve the Nigerian populace with managed healthcare. When it comes to offering managed healthcare services, Healthspring HMO is regarded as a pioneer. Our company’s motto has always been to provide services with a strong feeling of responsibility. Because of this, we are perfectly positioned to offer high-quality healthcare services to all


To revolutionize Nigeria’s HMO industry through personalized, compassionate, and technology-driven healthcare services that empower individuals, making every enrollee feel valued and prioritizing their unique needs.


To become the forefront HMO in Nigeria, setting a new standard in personalized healthcare by utilizing innovative digital solutions, fostering genuine connections with enrollees, and transforming the healthcare experience one patient at a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Making Health Insurance easy and affordable for everyone.

How do i select hospital

You select your primary hospital from a list of available hospitals when you are filling out the enrolment form. It is best you choose a hospital close to your home, place of work or anywhere you deem convenient.

Do I need to call you first before I go to the hospital?

No, you do not. Walk confidently into your chosen hospital, show your ID card and you will be attended to. If you ever face any issues in the hospital, reach out to us immediately.

Can I change my hospital at any time I desire?

Yes. you can freely access care in any hospital you are eligible for based on your insurance plan. This means you can roam within the limits of the hospitals covered on your chosen plan(s). You can check the hospitals you are eligible for under each plan

Can I Admit Two Elderly People At A Time?

Yes. You are allowed to visit all hospitals in the Healthspring HMO network that are available on your plan. You can check the list of Healthspring HMO network hospitals and clinics near you in the Healthspring HMO App or on the website. A Healthspring HMO Help Centre agent can also help you find a hospital nearby if you reach out to us.

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